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Persepolis pg. 149

“I never realized how much they loved me.”

“And I understood how important they were to me.”

The last frame on page 149 conveys a major turning point in Persepolis. Marjane’s family is sending her to live on her own in Vienna, which is something she has never experienced before. She must say goodbye to her family and friends to start a safer and better life. This image demonstrates how important family is to Marjane in the large scheme of things. Because her parents love her, they need to send her off for Marjane’s protection. It’s only out of love. I’m also excited to see how the rest of the book will unravel, based on Marjane being in a completely new atmosphere.

Sunday Funnies 3: Visual Note Taking

After taking visual notes in my Astronomy class, I can definitely say that I better understand the material. I’ve always been a visual learner, and after looking through the pictures that I drew, the concepts became clearer than before. The pictures were especially helpful with learning the phases of the moon. When just describing where the Moon is in regards to the Earth and Sun, it is hard to distinguish which phase is occurring at a certain time of day. When viewing a drawing of the Moon in between the Earth and the Sun, it’s clear that the Moon is at the New Moon phase. I found it interesting how much easier it was to understand certain content when drawing it.

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