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I have finished my Analyzing Vietnamerica Project. I will be giving an analysis on a comparison between two texts, one of which being the primary text, the graphic memoir, Vietnamerica, which I will be defending it as an autoethnography, and the other key text being used as the analytical lens. This was the most time-consuming project since we had to carefully analyze two texts as well as compare them on how they work to complicate each other. Click here to view the original assignment prompt. (slo2)


visual poem For this Sunday Funnies assignment, I created a visual poem of page 133 of Ishmael. I found this familiar to with doing the Sunday Funnies 4, creating a visual replica of classroom notes, but in this one it was much more than that. Having to choose which words in the page represent our interpretation, along with drawing visuals to capture the essence through a different medium.
Personally, from this excerpt, I felt that this issue on the population’s rapid growth is very pressing and the biological approach, which they apply to all species but focusing on the path that the humans are on to. That, I believe, is what eventually leads readers to question not of what’s being done to sustain our “population explosion” but of the prevention of the destruction of species diversity. I drew a tree to represent which in many cultures is a symbol of life.

Below is my poem:

One species exempting itself from law
ultimate effect
diversity destroyed
eliminating competitors
population explosion
increasing food production
to feed an increase in populating
still greater increase in population


any species in the wild will expand
to the extent its food expands
Mother Culture teaches that such laws do not apply to man
keep wondering if agriculture itself is contrary to this law
doesn’t have to be war waged on all life
that doesn’t support your growth

Tracing Persepolis Revision

After reviewing my Tracing Persepolis Project project, I changed not only the formatting but the connection between the first and the second tracing’s analysis. I turned it more into a splash page, relating it to the project of another student’s. I used my second tracing analysis to relate to my first so that the project can be read as the first page analysis, then the second relating to the two’s similarities and differences. (slo3)

Tracing Persepolis Reflection

In my Tracing Persepolis Project, I focused on two particular pages that I traced individually. Because Persepolis is a graphic novel, I made sure to keep the majority of the focus on what the drawings depict than the text. Although, I made sure to connect what I saw from the drawing to the content.

While taking a moment to concentrate examining the uniqueness of the pages that I traced, I found that they gave so much more significance than from reading it for the first time. The use of graphics, had much more expression to get her meaning across than if it were completely in text. Initially I chose the pages that I would later draw, because I knew that they were distinctly contrasting events from the story but it had soon started to unfold after tracing that their were unique differences in the how the panels were designed and structured to get the message across. The facial expressions of the characters, size and structure of the panel(s), and the styles of the settings’ designs all offer aid in better comprehending her story which were goals I got out of doing the assignment.

Work Cited: Satrapi, Marjane, and Marjane Satrapi. The Complete Persepolis. New York: Pantheon Books, 2007. Print.

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