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Live blogging of Persepolis the movie

I’ m about to start the movie, hope it stays true to the book… What’s up with the voices? They make me feel detached from the story.

I really liked the way the film transitioned through her adolescence. I felt like the audience was there, growing up with her.

The screenwriting cut out the appropriate scenes from the reading I found so far.

It seems like God played less of a role in her life in the film.

I liked how the film team decided to frame the movie with the colored scenes as she is sitting in the airport about to embark on a journey for the rest of her life in Paris (or wherever else the world takes her).

I thought it was interesting to leave the final “flashback” shot as the point that that was the last time she saw her grandmother. With background knowledge, I know that she actually saw her once more; but still, strong moment.

The movie was all in all, true to the story. I really did enjoy it.

Most important panel from reading due 2/2/15 – Persepolis

The most important panel from the section of Persepolis that was due today, in my opinion, is found at the bottom of page 153. This image depicts how difficult it was for Marjane’s parents to decide to let their 14 year old daughter go live in Austria, even though they understood it was safer and allowed for more freedom of expression. Marjane turns around one final time to watch her parents leave, as she recognizes that she will most likely never live with them again, while the reader is left looking at her parents’ empty, somber faces. In the background, I notice Marjane through a glass panel, saddened and helpless. This represents how great of a sacrifice this tight-knit family was willing to make for sake of their child. It helps me, as an audience member, empathize with the struggle that families such as Marjane’s in the Middle East had to make during this war-torn era.

Sunday Funny 3 – Visual Notes

Business Economics Visual Notes

When we first discussed this assignment, I was curious and skeptical. It took me some time to think of a class in which visual notes could really further my understanding of the material. I chose Business Economics. The process of formulating these notes was not too difficult, as this specific class is very real-world application oriented and essentially, a visual class in it of itself. I enjoyed being able to genuinely “doodle” for a class without feeling like it would affect my understanding of the material (as it has in the past because the essence of my doodling generally did not relate to the topic we were discussing). Truthfully, drawing a literal example of a price ceiling and a price floor has solidified my understanding of both – something that I previously was having trouble differentiating.

After completing this task, I recognize the positive aspects of this form of note taking. With that being said, however, the concept of drawing pictures to represent whole ideas does not seem time-effective or fully descriptive enough to cover an entire lecture. In the future, perhaps I will take visual notes after regular notes to draw out examples and further engrave the concepts in my head. All in all, I enjoyed making my brain think with a less traditional method.

*I originally, accidentally posted this as a page instead of a post, so I just double-posted so that it is in the right place.

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