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Mapping Fun Home

For this assignment, I decided to map the relationship between Alison and her father. The most difficult part was to decide how to frame the argument and find a way to create a map that supports it. I finally decided that the best way to approach this topic was to divide it in five categories that explore the different phases in the relationship of the main characters (Alison and Bruce). The prompt for the assignment is here and you can see my map here. Hope you enjoy it!.

Mapping Fun Home Assignment Finalized

I have completed my Mapping Fun Home assignment. Click here to view the finished version! In this project, I made a bubble map of the interactions between Alison Bechdel and her father in the memoir Fun Home. I then analyzed this bubble map to see what my visualization revealed about the characters in the book. Everything went pretty fluidly, but what was hard was deciding what the best way to set up the pages of the text, because I basically just had a splash page and then a text set up as a more informal essay. Also, it was hard with a bubble map to zoom in on a certain section because it wasn’t that interesting to see a zoomed in picture of bubbles. However, I think overall the project went very smoothly.
To see the assignment information for this project, click here.

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