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Live Blogging Persepolis

Tonight I am going to watch the movie Persepolis. I will periodically pause the movie to post brief comments below of any observations and responses I have. I will be looking for any similarities and differences to the book as well as important scenes. I will also include time cues in my comments so you can follow along.


Hello world! Today, I will be watching Persepolis while also, during certain intervals, live blog moments of the film.  This will be done in the comments of this post, and they may be things I find interesting to point out and potentially compare to the book!

Live Blogging Persepolis

After reading the graphic novel “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi, I felt like it would be interesting to analyze the differences between the novel and the movie. I will be posting my responses to the movie and basically just whatever comes to my mind while watching the movie (comparisons to the book, anything interesting, anything worth noting, etc). Stay tuned :)

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