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Sunday Funnies 7: A Human Document

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My revised poem:

Trying to reach the wish;                                                                                                    Luck was gone;                                                                                                                     Slowly;                                                                                                                                         No;                                                                                                                                                 It seemed unfair,                                                                                                               given up too much,                                                                                                                breaking into a mess,                                                                                                          everything seemed wrong                                                                                                no encouragement;                                                                                                              Too late.

Sunday Funny 7

Here is my seventh Sunday Funny. The pink shapes on the sides are supposed to be painkiller pills. Hope you like it!


they survived,


all a dream,


cracked her ribs

somebody to shoot

wide wound




eyes closed.

didn’t want to hear


Sunday Funnies 7: A Human Document



I used a page from Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael and created my own poem.

My poem:

the sound of the talking was nothing

then something changed

imagine the presence of one

speech occurred over and over

my attention possessed;

now I employed a different sound;

by small steps,

in some mysterious way,

I was truly born

as a person.

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