Visual Notes from My Conference Session

Derek Bruff attended the panel where my colleagues and I presented about Domain of One’s Own at Educause Learning Initiative and posted these sketchnotes about the session to Twitter. As far as I can tell, he took them in real time while we spoke and he captured the essence¬†of what we talked about. As you can see, there’s a fair amount of text still, but¬†with just a little bit of doodling and diagramming, he’s sketched out relationships and concepts instead of writing out lots of words.

I retweeted the heck out of this image, to be honest. Being able to give people a sense of our entire panel in a single image is a real gift Derek offered to us by tweeting it out.


  • This is really cool! So neat.

  • I just saw this post. Glad you liked the sketchnotes! And, yes, I took them in real time.

    I find having a one-page snapshot of a presentation, ones that uses both words and images, very useful as a reference. I’m frequently pulling up my old sketchnotes on Flickr to remind myself of an idea or example from talks I’ve heard. Back when I took notes longhand, filling pages and pages of legal pads, I almost never went back and looked at those notes.

    • Thanks Derek. I’ve had similar experiences with taking more visual notes versus text-based ones, though my own visual notes are nowhere near as effective as yours. I posted this for my students last spring because I had just given them an assignment requiring that they try out visual notetaking in one of their classes, and then here was this great example of how useful the practice could be!

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