Week ahead: Ides of March Edition

Marge Simpson looking angry "Beware the Eyes of Marge"

(A version of this post was in the queue on Sunday but I didn’t manage to publish it on time, so now the joke of the feature image is sort of ruined. I’m going with it anyway.)

9 3/16 Fun Home, “The Ideal Husband”
3/18 Due: Completed revision of Tracing Persepolis.
3/20 Fun Home, “The Antihero’s Journey”
3/22 Due: Sunday Funnies 6

Note that I revised the schedule slightly. Since we didn’t really talk about “The Ideal Husband” much in class yesterday, I moved back finishing the book to Friday and moved the revision deadline to tomorrow. We’ll discuss “Ideal Husband” in class tomorrow and then on Friday finish the book. We’ll talk some on each of those days about Mapping Fun Home.

(image credit: “Beware the Eyes of Marge“)

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