Live Blogging Persepolis

This week, while you watch Persepolis I’d like you to post brief observations and responses to your blogs. If you have a specific idea for how you want to do this, you are free to choose your own strategies, but for the sake of providing guidance to those of you new to the idea of liveblogging, here’s my suggestion for how to proceed.

Create a post on your site that lets readers know that you’ll be posting responses to the movie. This can be a really short paragraph. Tag that post as “liveblogging Persepolis” so that you can pull them up as a group. As you watch the movie, pause it periodically and post your own comments to that post. If you can, include time cues for where you are in the move when you post. Post whatever comes to mind as you watch the film–compare it to the book or note anything of interest. Feel free to comment in reply to each other too or to link to other students’ comments.

We’ll begin class on Friday by looking at your liveblogging posts, probably using a tool called Storify.



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