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Final reflection

I have just completed my final reflections essay. This assignment really allowed me to look back at all of my works, and think about what I did well on them, and what I could’ve have improved on. This ENG101 class was definitely one of the most interesting and unique classes I have ever taken so far. […]

Final Reflection

I just finished my final portfolio and reflection for this course (Click here for the original prompt)! This course has given me so much freedom to express my opinions, which was definitely something I was not use to in traditional English courses. It really allowed me to branch out and explore many different aspects of writing. I came into this class not expecting what I would walk out with, but this class has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of how much I’ve learned. My writing has definitely changed over the course of this class. Before this course, I was use to the formal essays with a thesis statement in the introduction, 3 body paragraphs defending your thesis with citations from outside sources, and a conclusion at the end to wrap everything up. However, this course has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to express more through my writing and add little inputs of my opinion in my projects. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned alot that will definitely benefit me in future years to come.


I have finished my Analyzing Vietnamerica Project. I will be giving an analysis on a comparison between two texts, one of which being the primary text, the graphic memoir, Vietnamerica, which I will be defending it as an autoethnography, and the other key text being used as the analytical lens. This was the most time-consuming project since we had to carefully analyze two texts as well as compare them on how they work to complicate each other. Click here to view the original assignment prompt. (slo2)

Course Reflection

I have completed my static index page to finish off the course! I dedicated an entire day to cleaning up my website and writing the reflection for my ENG 101 course. It was a really rewarding experience; I revisited projects from months ago and see how much I have grown in that time. My progress was obvious. Going back through my first major project reminded me of how frustrated I was when trying to create subpages and add pictures. Then thinking of the past project I just completed this past week, I did practically the same format but it was so much easier this time around. And the project looked much cleaner. All in all, the process of reflecting on the entire past semester was a really good experience and I am glad I took the time to thoroughly do so.

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