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Final reflection

I have just completed my final reflections essay. This assignment really allowed me to look back at all of my works, and think about what I did well on them, and what I could’ve have improved on. This ENG101 class was definitely one of the most interesting and unique classes I have ever taken so far. […]

Mapping Fun Home

This project was by far the most difficult project that I have done so far. I had to read through Fun Home again, and mark the important points and do a lot of reading between the lines (or panels). However, the most difficult part of the project was to find a simple yet meaningful way to organize and map out the pattern that I have found in the book. Here is the link to the assignment prompt.

Sunday Funnies #6


For this week’s Sunday Funnies, I was inspired by a quote by Buddha. I thought that it was an interesting quote in many levels, in that buddhism is a religion in which individuals are to seek out their own salvation, and that it is quite an inspirational saying, especially for those who are always surrounded by competition, and need some kind of motivation – namely college students like me.


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Patterns in “Ideal Husband” of Fun Home

One pattern that I have noticed in the sixth chapter (“Ideal Husband”) of Fun Home is change. There are several changes in terms of history, plot and characters that occurs within the chapter. For example, picking up the seventeen year locust represents the change of the insect from a larva to an adult. This was especially interesting as it corresponded with Alison going through puberty, when usually insects have a much faster life cycle. To add onto this, Alison getting a period is a turning point in her life in which she is moving towards being an adult from a kid. Other than this, Alison’s dad going to the psychiatrist and president Nixon’s impeachment are other examples of significant changes that occurs in this chapter.

Tracing Persepolis: Revised

Over the spring break, I have revised my Tracing Persepolis project. Through discussions and suggestions from my professor David Morgen, I’ve added more in-depth analysis on what impact do the points that I have investigated have on the readers and their reading experience. In addition to this, I’ve re-arranged my formatting after reading over Dan’s project. After the revision, my arguments have become more fluent, more detailed and easier to read.

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