visual poem For this Sunday Funnies assignment, I created a visual poem of page 133 of Ishmael. I found this familiar to with doing the Sunday Funnies 4, creating a visual replica of classroom notes, but in this one it was much more than that. Having to choose which words in the page represent our interpretation, along with drawing visuals to capture the essence through a different medium.
Personally, from this excerpt, I felt that this issue on the population’s rapid growth is very pressing and the biological approach, which they apply to all species but focusing on the path that the humans are on to. That, I believe, is what eventually leads readers to question not of what’s being done to sustain our “population explosion” but of the prevention of the destruction of species diversity. I drew a tree to represent which in many cultures is a symbol of life.

Below is my poem:

One species exempting itself from law
ultimate effect
diversity destroyed
eliminating competitors
population explosion
increasing food production
to feed an increase in populating
still greater increase in population


any species in the wild will expand
to the extent its food expands
Mother Culture teaches that such laws do not apply to man
keep wondering if agriculture itself is contrary to this law
doesn’t have to be war waged on all life
that doesn’t support your growth

Sunday Funnies 7

Sunday Funnies 6


She looked up – autumn.. October.

the garden was particularly fragrant and sweet.

French doors in pale red and gold.

Sunlight entered and dissolved in the place

two couples had been married.


This assignment was very enjoyable and tedious at the same time for me.. I spent long nights this week trying to finish it but I’m pretty satisfied with the result :)

Hopefully the other Sunday Funnies won’t take me as long as the last two assignments…


Sunday Funnies 7: A Human Document


For this week’s Sunday Funnies, I created a poem wiht a visual of a page taken from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

My poem is:

But you get used to goin’ round with a guy, you get used to him
you cant get rid of bein’ used to him.
Well, he gets in trouble all the time.
You wont tell nobody? You wouldn’t tell?
He wants to touch everything he likes,
cause that’s the only thing he can think to do
I hear alll the yellin’, scared to death.
So what, so there we sit our heads sticking out.
That night we run
Hell no

Sunday Funnies 7: A Human Document



For this Sunday Funnies assignment, I created a visual poem using a page from Rick Bass’ Cats and Students, Bubbles and Abysses.

My poem:

I found everything good , bad, or indifferent.

I was pleased.

I had friends.

But I don’t tell them that I’m thinking about leaving.

They all think they know what I am going through.

I know lots of people who are leaving.

The reason is because the world, very loudly, curses.




Sunday Funny 7


In my Sunday Funny 7 assignment I created a poem from a page in How She Knows What She Knows about Yo-Yos
by Mary Ann Taylor-Hall.
The Poem Reads:

A hole,
a closed subject.
The light came,
the sun touched.
Thick shadow caught
the light,
a dream come true.
everything blowing away.
Nothing around.

Sunday Funnies 7: The End is my Beginning

I think this is one of the most relaxing Sunday Funnies yet. Scribbling seems to be therapeutic, somwhow. This little piece took me over an hour. My concept behind it was what’s beneath the “surface,” both in the sense of under the ground (the corners are different layers of soil) and the layers of people you don’t get to know, because they’re hidden away. Those hidden layers I chose to draw like roots or veins of all different colors. I liked it so much I’m actually pinning it up on my wall here in my dorm. Sunday Funnies 7This might not make much sense but I really enjoyed creating!

“Did I end” I said witlessly. I thought for a while and said “It didn’t end. It just begun.”

Sunday Funnies #7: A Human Document


Here is the original Sunday Funnies #7 Assignment.

My poem is taken from a page of the book, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn:


just the way I remembered it.

an earnest desire

An earnest desire to save the world!

An earnest desire to save the world

for the rare privilege of sitting

a big hug


You will wonder:

It’s a fair questions. I fact, it’s a question I was asking myself.

That’s right.


Stupid, no?

mentally dumb

just old enough to understand

It’s true.

When I opened my eyes,

the sky was a brighter blue

I expected to hear laughter.


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