Analyzing Vietnamerica

For this project I used Eli’s text to explore in which ways Vietnamerica can be considered an autoethnography. I also discussed why I considered that the text has more characteristics of an ethnography than of an autobiography. The more challenging part of the project was to understand the novel itself. I hope you enjoy reading this essay!

The link for the project can be found here and my assignment here.

Analyzing Veitnamerica

For my Analyzing Vietnamerica project, I discussed how Veitnamerica is an autoehtnogrpahic text in many ways, yet can additionally stand by itself as an autobiography or ethnography. G.B. Tran employed many features from each of these genres to reveal to the reader the Vietnamese culture and the hardships they faced during the war as well as throughout the process of immigration to America. I personally enjoyed reading this graphic novel. Although the subject was unfamiliar to me, Tran’s use of graphics and style of writing were riveting in their affect on the reader.

My project is now complete. You can find my Analyzing Vietnamerica project here and the assignment page for the project here. Enjoy!

Analyzing Vietnamerica

I have finally finished my Analyzing Vietnamerica Project. In my opinion this was both the most challenging book and the most project that was assigned in this class so far. In my opinion even though I enjoyed reading Vietnamerica it was a very difficult and confusing novel to follow. To have to complete a project in which we had to analyze a confusing piece of literature with a rather unfamiliar term “ethnography”  deemed to be quite hard. But in the end, I think I came up with a thesis that I felt was true. Click here to find a link to a description of the assignment.