Sunday Funnies 9: Assemblies


Can you believe we’re already on our ninth Sunday Funnies? For this Sunday Funnies I used what was right under my nose: a magazine. I thought about the construction of the magazine more than anything else, so I decided to deconstruct the idea of a magazine as part of a factory setting. On the upper left side I put the text under a microscope and showed the title of the article. On the right side I depicted the construction of the magazine by illustrating the staple lodged into the paper in order to hold the magazine together. On the lower left I tried to draw the actual fibers of the paper being weaved together into one small page (do not quote me on the scientific accuracy of that). And on the lower right I zoomed in on the picture to show the photo shoot behind the actual photo, and the process it took to get it on the page. Hope this makes sense!

Mapping Fun Home

Mapping Fun Home proved a daunting task from start to finish, but it is thankfully completed! I hope to go through a few editing processes because this is still a bit of a rough draft. Hope to hear from my peers and David soon on what I can improve upon! Here is my completed project. Enjoy!

Sunday Funnies 7: The End is my Beginning

I think this is one of the most relaxing Sunday Funnies yet. Scribbling seems to be therapeutic, somwhow. This little piece took me over an hour. My concept behind it was what’s beneath the “surface,” both in the sense of under the ground (the corners are different layers of soil) and the layers of people you don’t get to know, because they’re hidden away. Those hidden layers I chose to draw like roots or veins of all different colors. I liked it so much I’m actually pinning it up on my wall here in my dorm. Sunday Funnies 7This might not make much sense but I really enjoyed creating!

“Did I end” I said witlessly. I thought for a while and said “It didn’t end. It just begun.”

Sunday Funnies for this Week

Sunday Funnies Edit 1
picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr
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Photo by Zaqqy J on Flickr
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Photo by SAM Nasim on Flickr

I got this quote from a quote nook on my desk, but I’ll cite it from a  website just in case.

“Harriet Tubman Quote.” BrainyQuote. Xplore, n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2015.

The flickr images said a simple name would be enough for credit to be due.

Tracing Persepolis Revision

I had a difficult time revising more than I had creating the initial project, but it’s finally done. I was reluctant to let go some of my pieces that needed revision simply because I didn’t want to do away with the commentary, but felt there was no place for them other than where they were. It’s dense but I think it fully encompasses the work of Persepolis. Enjoy!

Patterns in “An Ideal Husband”

In Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel Fun Home, there seems to be some distinct patterns in her sixth chapter “An Ideal Husband.” I will only focus on the one that stands out most to me. The way Bechdel structures this chapter, whether it be chronologically close or not, was a few examples of natural events that seemed to be plaguing the Bechdel home in almost biblical proportions.

First, it began with the locusts. If my memory serves me, I remember in the Old Testament during Moses’s chapter that he said Ramses would have consequences for not freeing the slaves, and it seemed weird to me that these temporal cicadas came and attacked the perimeter of Alison’s home.

The second almost supernatural phenomenon Bechdel mentions is the catastrophic storm that is unleashed one summer. Nothing inside their home was really touched, but the outside was destroyed. What became even stranger was the fact that the rest of the neighborhood did not get any damage, or even any effects of the storm, for that matter.

The way Bechdel presents it sounds like the forces of nature are punishing the Bechdel family for some reason, and I thought that was an interesting pattern she thought to bring up.

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