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Revision of Tracing Persepolis

In my revision of the project, I decided to go more in depth with my analysis. It seemed that prior to the revision, my project didn’t really connect the two tracings into a bigger picture. Many statements I made were rather broad, and didn’t really go into my experience tracing the project. I’ve also have fixed some of the format of the pages and at times my images wouldn’t always line up with the text. I also decided to incorporate Gyeongmo’s analysis into my project. His analysis Satrapi’s distribution of a character in a scene really helped enhance the analysis of my pages.

Tracing Persepolis submission

While I was working on my Persepolis Project, my main goal was to understand how Marjane Satrapi uses visual techniques to convey her message. Another goal of mine was to create a clear and coherent website, in which the viewer is able to attain all the information I had.

While completing this project I encountered two problems. This was the first english assignment that I have written that is different from the standard english essay structure that I have learned throughout high school. It was at first hard for me to decide how to organize my pages and my thoughts. I thought what I had to do was basically write an essay and separate the paragraphs into the subpages.  This however would basically inhibit the viewer to exploring my website himself or herself and I felt it was important to give a sense of direction towards the reader of my project but also allow the viewer to have some sort of freedom. I decided to design my project in the way I did, so that the viewer can first understand what each page conveys, and then subsequent sub pages that analyze how Marjane sends her message.  Another not as serious issue that I had while completing this process is me smudging the tracings. I’m left handed and after every couple minutes I would have to wash my hands because they got covered in lead.

To view the assignment please click  Tracing Persepolis