Analyzing Vietnamerica

For this project I used Eli’s text to explore in which ways Vietnamerica can be considered an autoethnography. I also discussed why I considered that the text has more characteristics of an ethnography than of an autobiography. The more challenging part of the project was to understand the novel itself. I hope you enjoy reading this essay!

The link for the project can be found here and my assignment here.

Mapping Fun Home

For this assignment, I decided to map the relationship between Alison and her father. The most difficult part was to decide how to frame the argument and find a way to create a map that supports it. I finally decided that the best way to approach this topic was to divide it in five categories that explore the different phases in the relationship of the main characters (Alison and Bruce). The prompt for the assignment is here and you can see my map here. Hope you enjoy it!.

Sunday Funny #6

For this assignment I chose a quote from C.S Lewis. I chose this quote because I think it describes love from a very different perspective. I also liked the imagery that the author used in this quote. I represented the quote with a collage composed of unrelated images. I tried to create different tones using distinct shades of gray and different font colors. The size of the images in the collage also represent the importance of the sentences they represent (in my opinion, of course).

PicMonkey Collage


Image References:

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Quote Reference:

Lewis, C. S. The Four Loves. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1960. Print.

Tracing Persepolis

The project of tracing Persepolis proved to be much more difficult than I had expected. At the beginning of the project I wanted to do a feminist reading of the novel focusing on two main themes Satrapi’s Iranian identity and the restraints that she had as a woman in Iran. However, when I began to write the pages I found that these topics were too narrow.

I decided then to contrast the personality of the protagonist when she was an adolescent and when she was a full grown adult. In order to incorporate the themes that I wanted to explore originally, I created two subpages, one focusing on the theme of the East vs. the West and another discussing the social restraints of women in Iran.

Another difficult part of these project was the tracing of the pages. It was impossible to do a clean trace. I also found myself repeating the same themes on multiple pages, it was hard to treat the different topics individually.  To try to overcome this, I wrote the analysis and stopped working for an hour or two; after which I would do further revisions. This technique was somewhat successful. In the end, I was very satisfied with the first draft of my project.


We often overlook the activities that we do in our daily routines, this assignment made me appreciate a little more the things that I do everyday.Choosing what type of chart to do was the hardest part of this Sunday Funny. I chose to create a graph because it allows to easily see and compare the activities from day to day, and determine which activity is done more often,etc. Another difficult part of this assignment was to keep track of the information. At the beginning of the week I often forgot to keep track of my activities, however I found my phone to be the best tool for this. I created a reminder every time that I began to do a new activity, that way I not only kept track of the hours, but also of the times in which the different activities were done.

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