Sunday Funny 7


In my Sunday Funny 7 assignment I created a poem from a page in How She Knows What She Knows about Yo-Yos
by Mary Ann Taylor-Hall.
The Poem Reads:

A hole,
a closed subject.
The light came,
the sun touched.
Thick shadow caught
the light,
a dream come true.
everything blowing away.
Nothing around.

Sunday Funny 6

Sunday funny 6 Mountain climber

I chose this quote because I wanted to convey that all things are impossible if you don’t even make an attempt in my Sunday Funny.I thought that the progression of climbing a mountain and finally making it to the summit exemplified this idea. If a person doesn’t try to climb the mountain then they will never reach the top.

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Tracing Persepolis

Tracing Persepolis was a long journey, in that the majority of my time was on finding the right pages and tracing them. This part took the longest because I was torn on which panels to select. The actual synthesis did not take too long because I was constantly thinking about what the panels mean as I was tracing them. Furthermore, I believe that I better understand the time and effort that it takes to write/draw this type of book after this assignment.

My main goals for this project were to find the best two pages possible that I could manage to draw without butchering MarJane Satrapi’s work. I also wanted to find two distinctively different pages as mentioned in the assignment. I found this one of the hardest tasks in the preliminary stages. Another challenge that I had was tracing the pages. I went through about 2 mechanical pencils and 4 regular pencils until completion. I also experience a severe wrist pain for a period of time. Additionally, I found some difficulty with comparing the flow and panel arrangement between the two pages. I thought the project was interesting and very unique all together.

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