Analyzing Vietnamerica

Analyzing Vietnamerica was no easy task. Aside from the fact that the story is dense and hard to follow, I was relatively unfamiliar with the term ‘autoethnography.’ We had spoken about it some in class, but still found that I had some confusion. Ellis, Adams and Bochner’s essay helped to further comprehend what it is. It is finally done! Hope you like it. Click here to access the guidelines to the project.

Mapping Fun Home

I have finally finished my mapping of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Compared to Tracing Persepolis, this project was more arduous and perhaps even more time-intensive. I am not a very analytical thinker and instead think about things in a black and white manner. As such, I struggled to form a detailed analysis like this one. To check out my map and examination of the text, click here. To take a look at the project guidelines, click here. I hope you enjoy my project!

Sunday Funny 7

Here is my seventh Sunday Funny. The pink shapes on the sides are supposed to be painkiller pills. Hope you like it!


they survived,


all a dream,


cracked her ribs

somebody to shoot

wide wound




eyes closed.

didn’t want to hear


Sunday Funny 6


For this week’s Sunday Funny, I selected a quote by Jimmy Dean that currently resonates with me, which can be found here. I am at a crossroads about several things and am facing obstacles that I cannot directly control or fix. That being said, my mentality is to move around my impediments and go on. The pictures I chose are not my own and as such, I have included their appropriate citations below.

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Picture Citations:

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My Revised Tracing Persepolis

Here is my final version of Tracing Persepolis. With help from both Professor David Morgen and my classmate Dan, I have revised my project to include a more extensive analysis within all 3 of my subpages. In my original draft, my argument was unclear and the website lacked some visual media across the board. I worked to sharpen my argument and include more pictures for this final version.

Tracing Persepolis

The task of Tracing Persepolis has been challenging, rewarding, and full of lead. Thanks to this project, I have attained a better understanding of Persepolis. At first, I was concerned about how I would write so much, but the words flew by. It took me a good while to wrap my head around the idea of changing my entire perception of a paper to satisfy this assignment’s requirements, but by the end, I now feel somewhat more confident in my ability to do so. I am hopeful that my explanations come across as they do in my head. I am optimistic that by the end of this revision period, I will have strengthened my ability even more.

You can find the guidelines here, and can find my project on my website here.


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