Sunday Funnies 4: Daily Routine Infographic

Screenshot of Google image search for "best infographic makers"

Due: 2/15

Last week, you tracked your daily schedule¬†using the 7 categories we agreed upon as a class. Now it’s time for you to turn that data into an inforgaphic. There are lots of programs that you can use to create infographics. I’ll recommend that you use Infogram¬†mostly because it works from either their built-in spreadsheet system or you can upload your data from files you’ve got.

If you can manage to create a visualization like Podio’s Daily Routines of Creative People that not only shows how much time you spent on each activity but at what time in the day, then that will be great. However, for the sake of simplicity it will be enough if all you report is how many hours you spend on each activity each day for the week. You can choose whichever type of charts you think works best.

You can only save your infographic as a JPG if you upgrade to the paid version of Infogram. However, you can embed your work easily. Once you’re finished making your chart, just click on the Share button at the top of the page, then copy the embed code in the dialog box. Then log in to your site’s dashboard and create a new post. On the top right corner of your text editor, switch from Visual to Text and then paste your code in.

Here’s a link to the Infogram help pages.

(image credit: screenshot of Google image search for “Best Infographic makers“)


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