My Altered Book page

A number of years ago, I started ripping up books and gluing the pages onto canvas or boards and doodling on them just as a more or less random art project. I showed a friend, who told me about Phillips’ work, and I started playing around with it. At first, I honestly felt kind of silly, but then I made this page:

"Beastly Savages by me.

Beastly Savages by me.

It reads:

Come and lie down in the big bed you’ll need decanting

No “No.” “No,” “No, no!” it hurt. He screamed “No, no.”
man holding him short and angry kicked the door shut he ran wouldn’t answer

dark; fastened sit in the corner help a long time crying why they were angry broke angry Beastly savages

As you can see, there’s nothing particularly complicated about this page visually, but I definitely had the feeling

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