Sunday Funnies 6: Visualize a Quote

Detail of Zen Pencil's illustration of Bill Watterson quote

Due: 3/22

First, a little bit of inspiration: Take a look at some of the comics that Zen Pencils creates by taking an interesting quote and then creating a comic to illustrate it. (I particularly like Bill Watterson, Jim Henson, Amelia Earhart, and Ira Glass.) Notice how his comics are related to and inspired by the quotes he’s working with but are not simply literal translations of them.

And a second bit of inspiration: Find a quote that inspires you, probably a fairly long quote, at least a paragraph (though length is offered here only as a suggestion, not a rule).

Now illustrate your quote with an image or a series of images. You do not need to make a cartoon like Zen Pencils does, though you can if you’d like to. You can use a series of photographs of your own or CC-licensed ones or draw illustrations. If you’d like to make a video using iMovie, that would be cool. Your goal is to come up with something that takes someone else’s words, puts your own personal spin on them, in order to create a visual representation of the quote.

(image credit: Detail from “ZEN PENCILS » 128 BILL WATTERSON A cartoonist’s advice“)


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