Week Ahead: 10!

Painting on street: "101010"
10 3/23 Vietnamerica (to p. 47)
3/25 Vietnamerica (to p. 82)
3/27 Workshop time for Mapping Fun Home.

Writer/Designer chapter 6

3/29 Due: Sunday Funnies 7

This week, you should be working on your Mapping Fun Home projects as we begin reading G.B. Tran’s Vietnamerica.

You’ll have time in class on Friday to work on your projects and to ask questions about them as you progress, so please come to class with your ideas developed. The better your sense of what you’re trying to accomplish, the better your classmates and I will be able to help you to accomplish your goals and to push your ideas further.

As we begin reading Vietnamerica, you might want to check out the trailer for the book.

VIETNAMERICA from Joe Tomcho on Vimeo.

Note that there are page numbers in the book, but only intermittently. It might be worth adding page numbers to your text or using post-it notes so you can find specific pages in class.

(image credit: “10-10-10” by Flickr user woodleywonderworks.)

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