Sunday Funnies 3: Visual Note Taking

Visual notes 1visual notes 2I decided to take visual notes for my Anthropology 101 class this week. In this particularly class, our teacher lectured on “The Darwinian Revolution”. In particular, we learned about natural selection and evolution. During the class I used my regular style of note taking and then after class I transformed my notes into visual notes.

The process of taking visual notes was very enjoyable for me because I am very creative and love to draw/doodle. Taking visual notes forced me to understand and think about the course content in a different light. Drawing the content I learned in class helped me visualize the process of natural s election and evolution more clearly. Visual note taking forced me to analyze the material instead of aimlessly repeating my teacher’s words verbatim into my notebook. Tow problems I faced during this assignment where that it took me a considerably longer time to draw out my notes and it was difficult for me to organize them. Although I cannot see myself continuing to take visual notes in the future, I enjoyed trying it out!