Sunday Funnies 9: Assemblies


When asked to represent a complex part of my life into smaller visual components, my first instinct was my familial structure. Perhaps this is because I got to see my parents this weekend so I’ve spent the whole weekend within the context of my family dynamic, which is a rare occasion for me while in college. I started by thinking of what would be a good structure to build and a chair came to mind as I looked around my dorm thinking of what structure has both a base and ornate details that I could draw with my limited artistic abilities. So I drew a chair and realized it was perfect before there are four people in my family and four chair legs. So that’s how I started the structure–with the three most important people in my life helping me hold up a sturdy chair, as all the legs lead to the same seat, showing the mixing of all our lives into one experience. This one seat is because of course we all take in life with relations to each other’s emotions. If my brother is upset, we all deal with it. If my mom is going through a rough patch, her chair leg is going to be a little weaker and cause the chair to rock a little. For the chair to work properly, we all need to put in equal amounts of effort, but if one of us wavers, we can still just to make the chair work, it’ll just be a little shaky until we’ve adapted–say, by shoving a piece of paper under the shorter leg to balance the chair back out. Overall, the chair is very simplistic. I just included components of our shared life together that help us bond or we all experience together. These components include love, morals, education, our three dogs, music, food, traveling, and shared memories. The thing about the chair is, even without all these extra components, we’d still be a place to sit and we’d still be a family. But with these added components of our dynamic and shared interested, we become more comfortable and we coexist with pleasure and ease.

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