Tracing Persepolis

When working on this Tracing Persepolis project, I found myself really aiming to tie the similarities and differences amongst my two tracings with the themes Marjane Satrapi conveyed through her memoir. Another goal for my tracings were to really focus on the color, saturation, placement of panels, perspective, framing of the panels within the pages, and the relationship between the elements on the page. They all played an integral part in the overall interpretation of the graphic novel and I really wanted to be able to focus on that by either leaving out or emphasizing certain details on the page.

I found it challenging to find the reason behind Satrapi’s different placement of panels and the different shading on some panels.  I found the differences between the tracings of the pages, but I had a difficult time figuring out what the purpose of it was. However, I went back to our notes in class and read through the themes that Satrapi seemed to convey through the memoir and I tied that in with the way she drew the panels. This project was really interesting in that I’ve never analyzed graphic novels in such a way before and it allowed me to really explore a whole different aspect of literature.