Sunday Funnies 1

English Badge

The picture shown is one of my art pieces done in pen. I chose this image because I thought it shows my identity as well as giving some background information on how the way I view things may be different from others. Although not shown in the picture, the black and white patterns in the back portray images from the folk tales of Korea and America. The cards in the picture show a traditional Korean Card game, Hwatoo, and playing cards. I drew this picture to show the confusion and difficulties of myself as a Korean-American growing up in both countries from the East and West and how they ended up merging together throughout the years creating who I am today.


Sunday Funny 1:My badge

The Badge

Badge Assignment:

I believe that the places you grow up in are an integral part in the development of ones identity. For me, my parents work in the public health sector, so their jobs has brought me to live in countries like the United States, Switzerland, and China. The flags are a reflection of the places that I consider home and the places that have made me who I am. Living in various places exposed me to different cultural views and has molded and shaped my identity as a person. The three equal images of flags represent the three places that I equally feel are my home and a large part of my identity. I specifically chose the images of flags because I felt that the consistent sky blue background looked appealing. I had quite a-lot of trouble completing the assignment. One of the biggest issues that I still have is adjusting the badge to fit its proper dimensions of 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. Whenever I tried to rescale it, it would squeeze the size of the badge thus making the division of the three flags uneven and unappealing. I am also having particular trouble in creating a link from my main site to the blog for my english class.