Final Conferences

photo from a conference: coffee cup and books

I’ve made a Google doc with my availability between now and the end of the day on 5/6. Please find a thirty-minute slot where you are available to meet with me to discuss your work in the class and then enter your name in the Google column on the right and then please be certain that you enter that time in your calendar and show up at the time you’ve signed up for!

There are lots of slots available, so hopefully nobody will have a difficult time finding availability. If for some reason none of those times work for you, then please send me an email with a couple of times when you are available and I’ll try to work something out.

These conferences should be low-pressure meetings. We’ll spend most of the time looking at your site and discussing your writing, and maybe brainstorming¬†future paths for your domain. If you have any questions about anything you’ve written or questions about the class or anything else, or something you want to do with your site that you haven’t figured out, then please feel free to ask and we can talk about it. Basically, I’d just like the opportunity to give you some individual, conversational feedback and to respond to any questions you have.

(image credit: “Conference Time” by Flickr user Christian Senger)