Sunday Funnies 3: Visual Note Taking

IMG_20150129_0002 IMG_20150129_0001

I decided to take visual notes  for two classes this week.  Neither class covered that much content, so I did not find it particularly challenging to capture the essence of either class in one page of visual notes. In the first class, Health 200, we discussed the different roles a PHP takes when leading a class.  The second, Anthropology 101, we discussed Charles Darwin and his discovers.

The process of visual note taking itself was actually very enjoyable. I found myself struggling (in a good way) with the material in a way I have never done before. I was forced to not only understand and visualize the material in my head, but I had to put those thoughts into presentable drawings. It is one thing to take traditional notes, often a tedious task of copying down what is on the board and the important additions of what comes out of your professors mouth. Visual notes on the other hand force you to capture both aspects of note taking, while also limiting your word usage and representing them through a new and fun medium. I am not sure I can see myself using visual notes a lot in my future, but I can definitely see it being a better use of my time rather than aimlessly doodling in class!