Analyzing Vietnamerica

I have published my Analyzing Vietnamerica project. I found that this was the most time consuming project that we had this semester. I had to first read the Carolyn Ellis essay several times to understand what an autoethnography was and then decide if Vietnamerica was one. After deciding that Vietnamerica was an autoethnography, I had to develop an argument with examples from Vietnamerica. This part was difficult because Vietnamerica is extremely confusing. If you would like to read my argument visit the project here.


Mapping Fun Home

I have published my map and analysis of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. This was the most difficult assignment that we have had thus far. The biggest challenge of the assignment was deciding how to start. The map that I chose to use would be the largest determiner in how well the assignment was done. This put a lot of pressure on this choice. If you would like to see the assignment for yourself click here. If you would like to see other assignments similar to this or the original prompt click here.

,Greer Howard

Sunday Funnies 6: Visualize a Quote

On September 12, 1962 JFK addressed Rice University about the “space race”. In the speech he talks about the power of the human spirit. He disuses the challenges that the human race have faced and overcome. I tried to represent this same tone in my “Sunday Funny“. I wanted to show the progression of human knowledge and accomplishments.

Jfk speech


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Patterns in “The Ideal Husband”

I found many different visual patterns throughout “The Ideal Husband”. The settings of each frame of the chapter repeat themselves frequently. There are many frames that take place on the porch, many frames that are simply writing or text on a page, and many frames that take place in the kitchen. There are also several patterns of individual objects. The mother wears a headband in most of the frames that she is in. The mother, the father, and Alison all smoke throughout the chapter, and body and facial hair is shown on many men throughout the chapter.

There are also many patterns in the narrative. The father faces legal charges at the same time Nixon is being impeached, Alison receives her period and the locust emerge from the larva, and the idea of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest” and the fathers interest in young boys.


Tracing Persepolis Revision

I have revised my Tracing Persepolis  discussion. I received helpful critiques from my professor David Morgen, and realized a valuable point of view by reading a similar discussion that Sam Balogh wrote. I also learned how to format my pictures to have them lay side by side on the page. I used all of this information in my revision of my discussion. I feel that I have increased the quality of the work overall. I will continue to revise slightly as I find places where I can improve the discussion. If anyone has any suggestions or comments post them in the comments section of this blog post or on the respective pages.

, Greer

Tracing Persepolis

When I began the “Tracing Persepolis” assignment I was unsure what to expect. Never before have I posted a project in the form of a web page. My first instinct was to simply write a paper, break it into parts, and add it to the web page. I quickly realized this would be insufficient.

Instead of taking the traditional approach to the assignment, I based my writing on the web pages. Once I had created the web pages the direction of the assignment became clear. In the end, I enjoyed this project much more than the traditional paper. I felt that I could create a more complete idea with the web page , because I was able to use links and pictures to compliment my work. The learning experience was also more comprehensive. I enhanced my writing and critical thinking skills, but I also increased my breadth of knowledge about how to set up web pages.

If you would like to see the pages for yourself simply visit Tracing Persepolis.


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